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The Story Of Aboriginal Art

The Story Of Aboriginal Art

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Aborigines came to Australia about 60,000 to 80,000 years ago. The story of their culture is evident in the aboriginal artwork. They didn’t have any written language and used symbols and dots to depict their story. It gave them a chance to display their important cultural stories. The same knowledge is passed on from one generation to the other. Indigenous art is based on storytelling and this is why it seems enticing to art lovers. You can purchase this affordable artwork in melbourne online and get the best of everything. Artists can convey information regarding the land, lifestyle, and other details of indigenous people. These people have their beliefs and events and it will be easy to present them to kids and adults. When the artists are conveying a story to children they make it even more entertaining. 

History of Aboriginal Art

The aboriginals in Australia are making use of ochres in their paintings. In 1930 the first painting was made. They illustrated a desert landscape with watercolours. The first exhibition of a prominent painter Albert Namatjira was held in Adelaide. There are plenty of artworks and images that portray a wide range of their stories. You will be surprised to know that many artists used art colours up till the 1970s. Since 1948 many traditional paintings portray rock walls, songs, and many other stories. You can purchase Aboriginal art for sale at affordable rates. All these stories are not only intriguing but unravel some mysteries of that time. Due to the invasion of Europeans, aboriginal people used to hide their knowledge with the help of dot paintings. Geoffrey Bardon was a school teacher for Aboriginal children in 1971. He started to encourage them with the famous Aboriginal art movement. 

Many styles of Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art has different characteristics and styles. However, it will depend on the artist or where he belongs to. The contemporary pieces of art are easy to recognize through their community. Dot painting will be easy to identify as it features Central and the Western Desert. When it comes to patterns and dots it can portray different meanings. Another interesting Aboriginal painting is the Wandjina spirit. All these spirits come from Kimberley. The crosshatch designs are a part of the Northern territory. All the materials that are used for creating these paintings come from the local land. During 1980 a lot of Aboriginal women artists were making visually appealing paintings. The bright desert paintings boast vibrant colour themes. However, western art is famous for soft and subtle colours. One of the most popular styles of these paintings gets inspiration from an aerial view. If you are a fan of this masterpiece, purchasing some paintings will not be a bad idea.

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